The validation of BrO columns relies on the comparison of the total columns to:

  • other satellite datasets, such as the SCIAMACHY, OMI and GOME-2 scientific products;
  • ground-based zenith-sky DOAS instruments from NDACC stations, such as Harestua.


The last validation result figures are gathered here.


Related Documents:

- GOME-2/METOP-A total BrO validation technical note, 2009.

- GOME-2/METOP-B total BrO validation technical note, 2013.

- GOME-2/METOP-A and B total BrO GDP 4.8 validation technical note, 2015.

- Information on the BrO columns from GOME-2 can be found in Theys et al. 2011.