The Quality Assessment page allows for the monitoring of L2 trace gas products for the METOP GOME-2 intruments. The goal is to provide an easy tool to quickly spot anomalies and trends in the data.

Select your trace gas of interest in the menu below. Then select a geographical regions of interest. The product version is currently fixed to GDP 4.8. Subsequently, data will be shown for the GOME-2 sensors of both METOP-B (processor version GDP-4.8) and -C (GDP 4.9).

The resulting graphs show a history of monthly average values over the region of interest. Those are based on consolidated offline L2 data from DLR. In addition, daily averages over the last 30 days are shown, using the L2 operational near real-time stream. Drag your mouse in any of the graphs to zoom in.

Hovering over dthe data curves shows the instrument labels and data values.Each individual curve can be removed from the figures by clicking the corresponding label below the graph..

Tropospheric NO2 global map