Welcome to the AC SAF trace gases Validation & Quality Assessment website


In the framework of AC SAF (formerly O3M SAF), BIRA-IASB coordinates the validation and Quality Assessment (QA) activities for GOME-2 and IASI minor trace gases on METOP plaforms.

This website gathers the latest results of validation and QA for Metop-A and Metop-B minor trace gases, such as NO2, BrO, H2CO, SO2, glyoxal, HNO3 and OClO.
The Validation tab groups the studies made for the new products before reaching operational status (e.g., development of new gases and application of the products to Metop-B), while the Quality Assessment (QA) tab presents the regular online monitoring of the operational products.


Latest news


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 01/03/2017 - The 3rd phase of the CDOP project has started, and the Atmospheric Composition and Monitoring SAF has changed acronym from O3M SAF to AC SAF.


08/12/2016 -The EUMETSAT Council agreed that the ageing, but still healthy, Metop-A satellite will be exploited on a “drifting” orbit from June 2017 onwards, in order to extend its useful lifetime from 2019 to 2022.
See the press release here.



Since 15th July 2013: Metop-B/GOME-2 products are available and the measurement configuration of Metop-A/GOME-2 has been changed to the narrow swath mode (960km). Metop-B/GOME-2 instrument is measuring with in the default mode of 1920 km swath since that day.

More information on tandem operations (EUMETSAT site)

More information on O3M SAF L2 Metop-B products