The validation of GOME-2 OClO columns relies on the comparisons with ground-based polar ZenithSky NDACC stations.

Validation of the GOME-2/MetopA and MetopB data records has been performed.


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- GOME-2/METOP-A and B OClO GDP 4.8 data record validation technical note, 2017.

The validation of IASI HNO3 columns relies on the comparisons with ground-based FTIR NDACC stations. The methodology used will be similar to Ronsmans et al., 2016. First results will be available as soon as recent HNO3 data from NDACC is available and when there is at least one year of the operational IASI HNO3 product available. 


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- Ronsmans et al., 2016

CDOP-3 preparation @BIRA

                        preparation deadlines                           "official" deadlines                            preparation documents


CDOP-3 preparation deadlines:

February 2015: draft WP writing

end March 2015: all partners put drafts together and as a function of the total budget, priorities will be set up


CDOP-3 preparation documents



CDOP-3 proposed WP (work-on)

 The list of all WPs (status 08/2015) can be found here:

List of the WPs where BIRA is involved
MoleculaDevelopmentValidaton and Quality Assesment
science management  WP 0070  
O3 WP 1001 not done by BIRA
NO2 (total and tropo)

WP 1002

WP 4002
BrO (total and tropo)

WP 1003

WP 4003
SO2 WP 1004 WP 4004
HCHO WP 1005 WP 4005
CHOCHO WP 1006 WP 4006
HNO3 (IASI) na WP 4301
CO (IASI) na WP 4302
S5 BrO WP 1017  
S5 BrO tropo WP 1018  
Reprocessing   WP 4105
Trace gases website
 TG validation devlopment: WP 4401
 TG validation operation:    WP 3401
 TG quality assessment:     WP 4403

The updated Man-Month corresponding to each of these WPs is summarized here (version of end Sept. 2015, for the proposal submission):

 BIRA budget 20151020 proposalCDOP3


CDOP-3 "official" deadlines:

2015/09: EUMETSAT clarification meeting --> proposal should be ready!!!

2015/10/early: DL for proposals
2015/11: request for clarif
2015/12/mid: Eval outcome to SAFs, face-to-face meeting with each SAF, possibility to clarif
2016/02: amended proposal
2016/05: STG/AFG

2017/03/01: CDOP-3 starts


Warning : No CDOP-2 backlog !!


The validation of IASI CO columns relies on the comparisons with direct comparison with ground-based FTIR at different NDACC and TCCON stations.

Validation of IASI MetopB and MetopC is performed using profile (NDACC stations) or column data (TCCON stations) from the station shown shown below. Results for IASI MetopA are available in previous validation reports.

 website acsaf ndacc tccon 2

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- Latest Operation Report



The Quality Assessment page allows for the monitoring of L2 trace gas products for the METOP GOME-2 intruments. The goal is to provide an easy tool to quickly spot anomalies and trends in the data.

Online figures can be found in the QA results tab (here) after registration, with interactive gas, platform and product version, for several geographical regions of interest.


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